Olivia Wild

Communications Coordinator

Olivia Wild is the co-op Communications Coordinator. Her role supports the Communications Manager in developing and implementing communications and marketing strategies for all association programs and services, ensuring brand standards and brand evolution are top priorities. As part of this role, Olivia is tasked with growing the digital presence of the BCHA by developing and executing content for the BCHA social media platforms.

Olivia is currently studying Business Administration, International Business at Capilano University.


  • If you could have one any superpower to help you at work, what would it be?
    It would have to be the ability to read minds. It would come in handy to know exactly waht someone is thinking, which could definitely give me an advantage.
  • What’s your favourite local spot to recommend to friends visiting North Vancouver?
    My favourite spot to recommend is Cleveland Dam. It has the most beautiful views of the mountains and various trail hikes.
  • If you owned a hotel and could host any type of event you wish, what would it be and why?
    I would hold a big tea party outside in the gardens for all hotel guests to attend. It would be very luxurious – people would require to dress up, and tea and baked goods would be served.
  • What’s the best souvenir you’ve ever brought back from a trip? 
    A Minnie Mouse keychain with my name on it that I bought in Disney Land! Fast forward 13 years later, and I still have it… but now it’s too sentimental to use.