Destination canada mobility forum

Paris, France | Rabat, morocco

Destination canada mobility forum 2023

BCHA participated in the Destination Canada Mobility Forum on your behalf from Nov. 18th- 24th, 2023 in Paris, France and Rabat, Morocco. The Destination Forum is organized by IRCC-Embassy of Canada to France and provides an opportunity for workers in France, Morocco, and other French speaking countries to meet Canadian representatives looking to bring workers to Canada. Our recruitment efforts were very successful.

This year, the Francophone Mobility Program was expanded to include skilled and unskilled positions such as housekeeping supervisors, front desk supervisors, chefs, cooks, food service supervisors as well as light duty cleaners, servers, and kitchen helpers among others. Additionally, this program does not require the employer to apply for an LMIA.



  • BCHA representatives met with job seekers and explain the pathways to come to Canada and answered candidates’ questions. We had the opportunity to meet candidates in person and evaluate their skills and experience to meet job orders.
  • Through the Francophone Mobility Program, skilled and unskilled workers will be able to obtain work permits. This program does not require an employer to apply for an LMIA.
  • The workers that do not qualify for this program can still come to Canada but will require an approved LMIA. Work permits for both these programs would be issued for 2 years and are employer specific.
  • Workers may also be eligible for a working -holiday permit (also LMIA exempt) depending on their citizenship and would be issued an open work permit for minimum of 1 year.
  • The Francophone program does NOT require an employer to apply a LMIA.
If you are interested in participating in the next iteration of the Mobility Forum or have any questions about the program, please contact BCHA Workforce Strategist Alison Langford at