Foodbuy Canada

About the program

Foodbuy’s data-driven procurement system matches their partner operators with a broad range of national and regional suppliers to access products and services. Through Foodbuy’s connections, their partners and suppliers achieve more savings, enhanced distribution management tools, and comprehensive data to help manage their business.

You can join thousands of operators across Canada and other BCHA members enjoying these added manufacturer revenues and savings over and above current programs. Receive a Monthly Rebate cheque with itemized reporting while maintaining partnerships and programs with Sysco or GFS.

Benefits to members

  • Rebates that average 2-4% of property spend
  • Earn rebates on purchases automatically
  • Monthly rebates consolidated across a mix of current programs or partnerships
  • Itemized reporting
  • Optimization support, FoodBuy will review the current spending and suggest products to increase the potential rebate return

How to get started

For more information or to join Foodbuy, contact,

Martin Brochu, Regional Sales Manager BC at 604.291.9548 x2539 or 778.855.1231 |
There are no fees and no term – get started today!