Education Program

About The Program

The BC Hotel Association represents the hotel industry throughout British Columbia, helping to facilitate the success, growth, and advancement of the sector. Our stated mission is to “Shape the future of Hospitality. We advocate, communicate, and educate.” As part of the Association’s mission to educate the industry, we seek to provide opportunities for upskilling and training.

Partnering with various local universities, colleges, and training programs, the BC Hotel Association has developed a comprehensive education pillar for the industry to seek valuable and relevant education opportunities in the form of programs, courses, sessions, and webinars. These programs will help stimulate the industry and encourage a constant state of learning and innovation. 

Grant Opportunities

Participating institutions may also be eligible to seek grants and additional funding to support the continued education of their employees. Grants are offered through WorkBC. Please review the eligibility criteria here, and contact WorkBC for more information.  

CO-OP Opportunities

A key component of membership is the seamless connections between educational allied members and accommodation members. 

Member universities, colleges, and training programs can post co-op opportunities directly in our member portal, providing students with employment opportunities to hotels across the province. By consistently providing skilled and motivated students to fill positions, institutions can establish strong relations with hotels. Students benefit from hands-on experience, making them more competitive in the job market upon graduation. It’s a win for all parties involved! 


Learn more about the program here and get in touch with us to speak about becoming an Allied – Education member! 

Lien Chang