Emergency management booking portal

Streamlined hotel and lodging bookings for emergency management needs

The Emergency Management Booking Portal addresses the critical need for rapid and effective evacuation procedures in response to climate crises in British Columbia. 

This pilot booking system is designed to quickly and efficiently move evacuees to safe shelters, easing the booking process for Emergency Support Services teams, first responders, and displaced people.

Swift and efficient

Emergency Response

Centralized Booking

Simplifies the process of booking rooms and finding shelter for evacuees and first responders.

Enhanced Coordination and Support

Seamless collaboration in real-time among Emergency Support Services (ESS) teams, first responders, accommodation providers, and government agencies.

Real-Time Updates

Provides up-to-date information on room availability, reporting, and payment processes.

Improved Evacuee Experience

Allows Emergency Support Services to facilitate bookings while accommodation suppliers can focus on providing essential support to evacuees.

Who Benefits from the

Emergency Portal?

Emergency Responders

Enables Emergency Support Services teams to make quick accommodation arrangements for evacuees and first responders.

Lodging Providers

Hotels, campgrounds, and bed & breakfasts can manage and update their lodging inventory to ensure streamlined booking.


Displaced individuals who are in need of finding temporary shelter during emergencies.


Emergency Management and Climate Readiness Administrators can track reservations and booking metrics.



The Emergency Management Booking Portal is a pilot booking system aimed at enhancing coordination, efficiency, and reporting for evacuees, Emergency Support Services, first responders, Red Cross, RCMP, BC Wildfire, and Armed Forces:

  • The online portal is currently being built with the goal to be LIVE on June 28th
  • The primary focus for the pilot system is to support the host communities of the Central OkanaganKamloops, and Prince George
  • The intent is to introduce the portal to additional communities and regions in need after the initial roll-out

The main goals and objectives of the Emergency Management Booking Portal are to:

  • Streamline availability, booking, and the overall process for evacuees and ESS teams to secure safe shelter during crises
  • Offer real-time availability, comprehensive reporting, and efficient payment processes for accommodation bookings
  • Simplify booking, accounting, and payment reconciliation

When an emergency happens, it is critical people know where they can go for refuge and have the necessary support available to them. We expect the new commercial lodging reservation system will make it easier for ESS responders to help people secure a place to stay and find relief during an emergency event or evacuation, whether they are residents, visitors to our province, or emergency personnel.”

Lana Popham

Minister, Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport

When thousands of people are forced to evacuate their homes at once due to emergencies such as wildfires or flooding, coordinating emergency supports for evacuees can become challenging. This partnership with the BC Hotel Association introduces an innovative portal that provides real-time information on available lodging.”

Bowinn Ma

Minister, Emergency Management and Climate Readiness

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