Celebrate Mental Health Week and Champion Employee Wellbeing in Your BC Hotel

At go2HR we’re proud of our ongoing partnership with CMHA BC. Together, we provide industry-specific mental health resources, support, and training programs to the tourism and hospitality industry. This May, from May 6 to 10, we celebrate CMHA Mental Health Week.  We encourage all industry employers to participate by prioritizing their employees’ mental health and […]

Catering to the Business Traveler: Advancements in BC’s Hospitality Industry

In the dynamic realm of modern business, hotels in British Columbia have embraced the evolving needs of corporate travelers with innovative approaches aimed at enhancing their experience.  This article delves into how the hospitality industry in British Columbia is redefining the concept of business travel, offering seamless connectivity, enriching cultural experiences, promoting wellness, and embracing […]

Building an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Are you ready to transform your hotel into a welcoming sanctuary where every member of your team feels valued and respected? Picture a workplace where authenticity is celebrated, where diversity isn’t just acknowledged but embraced, and where everyone has the opportunity to shine. Unfortunately, not every workplace fits this description. According to the January 2024 […]

Opinion: BC’s Tourism Industry a Resilient Economic Driver

Tourism Week is a time to reflect on and celebrate one of British Columbia’s most vibrant and essential industries. Tourism is more than just a sector, it’s the heartbeat of our province and communities, and at this very moment, people all over the world are planning to visit our world-class destination. B.C. is recognized for […]

New First Aid Regulations Coming to BC

Get Prepared: Review WorkSafeBC’s Draft Guidelines for Occupational First AidAs of November 1, 2024, new regulations from WorkSafeBC will impact first aid requirements in BC workplaces, including hotels and accommodation facilities. To help you prepare smoothly, WorkSafeBC has released draft Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Guidelines outlining the changes. What You Need To Know: This […]

How to Sell When You Hate Selling: Lessons from British Columbia’s Hospitality Gems

Selling can be daunting for those who don’t naturally enjoy it.  Convincing someone to book a stay may feel insincere or uncomfortable for some people.  However, selling in the hotel sector doesn’t always require tactics or hard sales pitches. British Columbia’s hospitality industry provides lessons on selling by prioritizing customer experiences and value creation. Here’s […]