Selling can be daunting for those who don’t naturally enjoy it.  Convincing someone to book a stay may feel insincere or uncomfortable for some people.  However, selling in the hotel sector doesn’t always require tactics or hard sales pitches. British Columbia’s hospitality industry provides lessons on selling by prioritizing customer experiences and value creation.

Here’s how they approach it –

Showcase Uniqueness

Emphasize What Sets You Apart. The Fairmont Empress, a luxury hotel in Victoria, stands out by showcasing its history rather than just focusing on standard hotel amenities. Their staff offer guided tours highlighting details and the hotel’s fascinating past. They also recommend experiencing an “English Afternoon High Tea” in the Lounge Lobby steeped in elegance. By highlighting their features they give guests a reason to choose them.

Personalization Done Right

The Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre.  In order to meet the needs and desires of their visitors they provide tailored packages that cater to a range of interests from family friendly activities to romantic escapes. By involving guests in creating their stay the focus shifts from selling services to collaboratively designing an unforgettable experience. This approach not only boosts guest satisfaction but also naturally showcases the hotel’s amenities in a personalized manner.

Establishing Strong Connections

The Importance of Genuine Relationships in the Hospitality Sector. Success in the hospitality industry is rooted in building connections. At Sutton Place Vancouver this principle is not evident in interactions with guests but in the lasting relationships forged with numerous loyal Hollywood stars and industry executives who have chosen the hotel as their preferred retreat. The team at Sutton Place Vancouver goes beyond transactions; they refrain from pushing guests to order room service and instead strive to understand each guests’ dietary requirements and preferences. Their renowned concierge service excels at these moments whether it involves suggesting a restaurant that caters to dietary needs or assembling a unique cheese and charcuterie platter, for a cozy room picnic.

Providing this attention establishes a connection, building trust and making guests even celebrities more open to the offerings of the hotel. This approach has not just enhanced the guest experience but has also solidified Sutton Place Vancouver’s reputation in Los Angeles as a symbol of hospitality appreciated by both stars and travelers.

Harness the Art of Storytelling

People resonate with narratives. The boutique hotel, The Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet recognizes this concept in fine detail. They don’t simply market storm watching packages; they vividly describe the force of nature evenings by the fire with “your favorite beverage” and the opportunity to witness a breathtaking natural spectacle. Engaging storytelling forges a link that entices people to seek out these experiences firsthand time after time.

Remember, You’re Not Pitching Sales

You’re Just Offering Assistance. By seeing yourself as a guide than a sales rep, selling becomes more organic. Concentrate on comprehending guest needs providing solutions and surpassing expectations. This change in perspective will not enhance your comfort in your role. It will result in happier guests and an upturn in your hotel’s profitability. Ultimately authentic service is key to sales, in the hospitality industry.

About the Author
Brent O’Connor is the Owner of Bed+Plate Sales Strategies and has expertise working with hotels on identifying areas of opportunity or improvement.

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