From Conversations to Profits – Converting Guest Engagements into Revenue Generation

As technological advancements increasingly substitute traditional interactions in your guests’ service journey, the significance of every remaining personal interaction grows. Particularly because guests tend to engage with staff mainly during challenges or to make special requests, these moments of human contact are crucial. Let’s explore how to make the most of these moments by transforming […]

9 Essential First Aid Guidelines for BC Hotel Managers

go2HR is here to support BC hotel employers in transitioning to the new First Aid Regulation, effective November 1, 2024. WorkSafeBC has released a preliminary version of the First Aid Guidelines to help clarify regulatory requirements. Here are a few highlights: These guidelines will help you stay compliant with new regulations and ensure a safe […]

Unleashing Your Sales Strategy – Techniques from Experience

Sales can be likened to a high stakes sports match. It’s all about building relationships and using the right strategies to stay resilient and of course, keeping track of your performance. For hotel owners, general managers and sales teams adopting a sports mentality can transform how you navigate the world of hotel sales. In both […]