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go2HR is here to support BC hotel employers in transitioning to the new First Aid Regulation, effective November 1, 2024. WorkSafeBC has released a preliminary version of the First Aid Guidelines to help clarify regulatory requirements. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Document and Review First Aid Assessments
    Maintain detailed written assessments.
    Review annually or after significant changes.
    Involve the Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) or worker safety representatives.
  2. Develop and Implement First Aid Procedures
    Establish protocols for summoning and providing first aid, reporting injuries, and transferring care, especially in remote areas.
    Include Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) considerations.
  3. Communicate First Aid Procedures
    Post first aid procedures throughout the workplace where practicable.
  4. Schedule Regular First Aid Drills
    Plan and conduct regular drills.
    Document procedures, debrief, and share results.
  5. Utilize Emergency Medical Assistant (EMA) License Holders
    Recognize EMA license holders as qualified first aid attendants.
    Ensure they understand relevant laws.
  6. Coordinate Air Transportation
    Arrange air transportation for emergencies when needed.
  7. Ensure First Aid Attendants are Fit for Duty
    Verify that attendants are physically and mentally capable of performing their duties safely.
  8. Maintain Proof of Certification
    Keep copies of valid first aid certificates on file.
  9. Stock and Maintain First Aid Supplies
    Follow kit content lists aligning with CZA Z1220-17.
    Ensure proper location and access to first aid facilities.

These guidelines will help you stay compliant with new regulations and ensure a safe workplace for your staff and guests. Still confused? Get in touch with our Health & Safety team today