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Sales can be likened to a high stakes sports match. It’s all about building relationships and using the right strategies to stay resilient and of course, keeping track of your performance. For hotel owners, general managers and sales teams adopting a sports mentality can transform how you navigate the world of hotel sales.

In both sports and sales your successes and failures are on display for everyone to see. Like a game score in sports your sales numbers are knowledge adding pressure but also providing an opportunity to showcase your skills. Here’s how you can incorporate sports tactics into your sales strategy.

Define Your Field of Play and Understand Your Competition

Just as a hockey team studies their opponents’ previous games it’s essential to research your market and competitors in detail. Conduct investigations to determine what other hotels are offering and customize your services to meet needs. For example, if rival hotels lack family amenities consider improving your child services and promoting them vigorously.

Be Adaptable Like a Professional Athelete

Athletes must adjust their game tactics based on the flow of the tournament. Similarly in sales be ready to change your approach based on client input and shifts in the market.  For instance, if you notice a decline in business travel revenue during year evaluations adjust your focus to promoting leisure packages or local staycation offers.

When it comes to strategy, think of offense as what sells tickets and defense as what wins championships in sports. Apply this by marketing your services (offense) while making sure your guests service can handle any issues smoothly to minimize negative feedback (defense). For instance being proactive in managing your reputation can act as a defense against potential negative comments.

Just like athletes review game footage regularly assess sales calls and customer interactions. This could involve role playing sessions where sales teams practice and provide feedback on each others approaches, to how athletes train. Constructive feedback is essential for refining strategies and closing deals effectively.

Approach each deal as a separate game happening.  Develop a plan for managing prospects at stages of the sales process much like how a chess player handles multiple boards.  Utilize CRM tools to keep track of client details and progress ensuring follow ups that enhance the chances of sealing deals.

Knowing When to Adjust Your Approach

Athletes often find themselves needing to alter their game plan in the middle of a match based on the opponents’ tactics. Similarly, if a sales strategy is not yielding results with a client, it may be time to consider trying an approach. For example, if direct sales pitches are falling flat switching to a sales method that could be beneficial. This approach involves guiding the client to recognize how your hotel can address their needs.

Closing Techniques; Securing the Win

Just like how sports teams practice plays to score points it is essential to develop and practice closing techniques that can help finalize a deal.  Sales Managers should role play with each other using the “Assumptive Close,” where you confidently assume the sale and move forward with booking details or the “Now or Never Close,” which presents a time offer to prompt booking can prove successful.

By incorporating these strategies within a sport inspired framework, you cultivate a disciplined proactive mindset that does not focus on short term victories but also lays the groundwork for long term success. Remember that in both sales and sports there is no offseason. Every interaction every tactic every deal contributes to your journey, towards achieving success.

Approach each situation thoughtfully, learn from every experience and persist until you achieve those victories.  By implementing tactics and embracing a mindset your hotel has the potential to achieve impressive sales outcomes. Lets infuse that sense of sportsmanship into our sales approach and revolutionize the way we operate within the hotel sector.