The Issue

There is a joint effort by municipalities, the province, and the federal government to increase the affordability of British Columbia. The BCHA sees two major issues related to affordability that impact its members’ businesses – Housing and Transportation.

  • Housing: As the short-term rental market begins eating away at affordable monthly housing, the impact on labour is becoming more evident, with fewer employees able to find suitable accommodation, particularly in resort communities. When employers are finally able to recruit workers, they are then challenged by the lack of available and/or affordable housing in their communities that could house their recruits.
  • Transportation: Compounding the problem is the lack of transportation options for shift employees. As many workers are forced to live outside of their preferred neighbourhood and far from their place of employment, providing accessible and affordable transportation options at all times of the day is imperative.


The BCHA supports the government’s efforts to make life more affordable for British Columbians by investing in affordable housing options and increased transportation systems.
The issue of affordability for the staff of hoteliers and local businesses is no longer just a passive concern, and the BCHA is working hard to demonstrate these growing problems to the government.
Working closely with other partners & industry associations, the BCHA is actively pursuing solutions, and invites input and suggestions from members. BCHA will present a report detailing all municipalities in the province and the impact on short term rentals pre pandemic to 2022 and the opportunity for best policy implementation with a goal of having the results of the research presented at UBCM. BCHA will in addition, work with BC Housing and Municipal Affairs so we are aligned with best practise and enforcement while at the same time, working on a framework to protect and grow the number of long term rental accommodations for long term community livability plans.