Allied Membership

Lucky you! you're about to make over 700+ industry friends

If you’re on this page, it means you are one step closer to getting your brand and business in front of BC’s accommodation sector, supporting your business growth! Allow us to provide insight to the many benefits that a Allied Membership holds. 

Why become an allied member?

It takes a lot of behind the scenes magic to make every moment of a guest’s stay better than the next. That also means there are a LOT of businesses that work directly with accommodation operators to pull it off. From textiles and toiletries to technology, supplies, and everything in between, accommodators are always looking for ways to level up their services. That’s where we come in! 

The BCHA is proud to be considered the bridge-builder between our Accommodation Members and our Allied Members. We carefully vet our partners and industry suppliers to ensure that we are providing our accommodation sector seamless access to the highest level of products and services. By becoming a BCHA Allied Member, you’re not unlocking exclusive access to our accommodation sector, you’re getting the BCHA stamp of approval–and who wouldn’t want that. 

Features & benefits of allied membership

With over 800 members, the BCHA advocates for the ENTIRE hotel community (as a partner of our sector, that means YOU TOO). We deliver tailored benefit programs and connect accommodators with trusted resources, vendors, and suppliers that will meet their needs. Sounds like you? Take a look at what we offer: 

  • Direct access to our member directory of 800+ businesses
  • Referrals and information requests sent to you directly through our member portal
  • A “Welcome” introduction to over 2,000 contacts via our newsletters 
  • Promotion via our BCHA website
  • Inclusion in our Buyer’s Guide – the hotel industry’s go-to guide for preferred suppliers
  • Opportunity to participate in events, with additional discounts for sponsorship opportunities that include webinars, conferences, social media and more.
  • Exclusive access to BCHA communication, news, and education to keep you updated on the industry

Membership categories

ALLIED MEMBERSHIP (Formerly known as Associate):
Any supplier, vendor, or partner of the hospitality industry in British Columbia. Allied members have similar membership benefits to Accommodation members.

Annual Dues: $650.00(+GST)

Connect with LIEN & join today!

Whether there’s a program you would like to see us add to our offerings, or if you’re keen to get to know more about the benefits of becoming a BCHA Allied Member, Lien Chang, our Member Development Coordinator, is happy to be of assistance!