Advertising & Media

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Birr Agency

About Birr Agency

At Birr, we help hotels and resorts increase direct bookings, without spending a dime on advertising. Our team of global marketing professionals will help hone your branding and marketing to increase engagement on social media, improve your website’s user experience, and drive more organic traffic to your website. With a combined experience of over 30 years in marketing and advertising, and over a decade in hospitality, Birr delivers results.

Kasselman Creative Ltd.

About Kasselman Creative

Since 1992 Kasselman Creative’s professional photography and video production work has provided a wealth of great clients, international travel, beauty in myriad forms, and a lot of fun. They help plan and make your project, event, or company look its very best.

Mercury Publications

About Mercury Publications

Dedicated to the accommodation industry in Western Canada, Western Hotelier offers the West’s best mix of news and feature reports geared to hotel management. Look for items that tell you about new projects, recent staff appointments and events from the West and around the world. Published five times a year, editorial themes cover the gamut of hotel operations and issues affecting hoteliers. Their unique and exciting provincial focus format highlights a different dynamic western provincial market each issue. Feature reports are written on a sector basis and are created to help generate enhanced profitability and better understanding. Look to Western Hotelier for insightful features on housekeeping, staff training, property management software and franchise opportunities as well as a host of other topics. Look as well for full scale profiles on the country’s leading brands and regional chains.

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