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Above The Line Solutions

About Above The Line Solutions

Above The Line Solutions (ATLS) provides clients with improved processes and costs in their purchasing approaches. Jason Cheskes, runs the Superior Lodging Endorsed Vendor Program serving over 200 properties from 3 brands, as well as supporting the BC Hotel Association’s Vendor Relations. Providing enhanced business Advisory Services through improved operator & vendor partnerships; program analysis and business outcome reviews; agreement facilitation; purchasing practice assessment; providing improved business practices and processes; vendor sales & leadership processes support, coaching and development. Over 30 years successful experience in these specialties in the Foodservice and Accommodation industries. They can help you save money and improve supply relationships and agreements.

Benefits To Members

General advice and assistance on specific procurement needs are provided at no cost to BCHA members through requests at BCHA@abovethelinesolutions.com . Project planning and sourcing, vendor program assessments, purchasing reviews, negotiation and review of supply agreements, dispute resolution, and all other support services are available at reduced costs for BCHA Members.

How To Get Started

For more information contact Jason Cheskes at jason@abovethelinesolutions.com, or visit www.abovethelinesolutions.com

Ashler Hospitality

About Ashler Hospitality

Ashler Hospitality Corporation is an established hotel management and advisory company based in British Columbia, Canada who provides cost-effective hotel management and a range of professional advisory services enabling hotels to attain their full financial potential.

How To Get Started

For more information contact (604) 538-9863 or info@ashlerhotels.ca, or visit www.ashlerhotels.ca

Blue Mountain Solutions Inc.

About Blue Mountain Solutions Inc.

Blue Mountain Solutions provides leadership development, customer service training, and operational support to organizations and companies of all sizes. Principal, Theresa Ito, and Culinary Business Adviser & Implementer, Takashi Ito, have over 75 combined years of international hospitality leadership experience and this is complemented by a dynamic team of diverse associates eager to support your hotel services. With a proven track record of helping top hoteliers across the world reach their business goals, Blue Mountains Solutions can support your property’s success with options that include: leadership development, customer service, online training, operational support, powerful sales training, diversity training, along with bullying & harassment training and culinary expertise.

How To Get Started

Interested in Learning More? Contact Theresa Ito at 250-507-8352 or TheresaBMS@gmail.com, or visit www.bluemountain.solutions


About HVS

HVS is the only global consulting firm focused exclusively on the hospitality industry. They are comprehensive in their solutions but single-minded in their focus, helping you succeed in the complex hospitality arena. With more than 250 people in over 50 offices throughout the world, they offer expertise across all types of hospitality assets, including hotels, restaurants, casinos, shared-ownership lodging, mixed-use developments, golf courses, and spa and wellness, as well as conventions, sports, and entertainment facilities.

From a feasibility study when planning to build or buy a property, to advice on an exit strategy— and everything in between—they offer a wealth of hospitality intelligence, extensive expertise, a global reach, and local market understanding to help you achieve the results you want. Wherever you’re located, they are ready to provide help with financing, developing, owning, or operating a hospitality property.

How To Get Started

For more information visit www.hvs.com

Inntegrated Hospitality Management

About Inntegrated Hospitality Management

For over 25 years Inntegrated Hospitality Management Ltd. (IHM) has been providing integrated consulting solutions and management services to Hospitality industry businesses. IHM is a team of Industry professionals with over 300 combined years of senior management experience available to advise or assist with; operations efficiency, profit improvement, cash flow maximization, market repositioning, strategic market planning; acquisition and financing due diligence, realization planning, and management and financial reporting; with particular expertise in: operations reviews and market assessments, operations and asset management, repositioning, restructuring, and distressed property recovery, food & beverage advisory services, valuation and litigation support, development planning and feasibility.

How To Get Started

For more information contact (604) 982-0888 or info@inntegratedhospitality.com, or visit www.inntegratedhospitality.com

Iridia Medical

About Iridia Medical

Iridia Medical is a physician-founded company that exists to Enable Peace of Mind for people called upon to respond to medical emergencies. Iridia specializes in providing innovative solutions such as AED solutions to enhance the delivery and quality of healthcare for populations across Canada. They have been dedicated to preparing and empowering people to respond to adversity.

By providing broader access to AEDs, they want to help individuals save more lives in case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Member Benefit

Take advantage of the BCHA member offering by using the coupon code BCHA2022 enjoying a 10% discount on our AEDs.      

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For more information contact Joe Turenne at 604 685 4747 ext. 213 or jturenne@iridiamedical.com , or visit www.iridiamedical.com

​Peninsula Canada

About Peninsula

Peninsula Canada, a leader in human resource (HR) support, including health & safety compliance and employee management is proud to offer BCHA members a 15% discount* on Peninsula services. Peninsula Canada has worked with over 5,200 small business across Canada and looks forward to supporting your business success.

With Peninsula you’ll experience what it’s like to have an in-house HR department without the added expense of hiring additional employees. As you know, dealing with HR, health & safety issues and compliance can be one of the hardest and most time-consuming parts of running your business.

Benefits To Members

From occasional over-the-phone advice to on-site support, Peninsula offers you the help you need. Peninsula can help you reduce your employee-management stress with:

  • 24/7 access to their employer advice line
  • Contracts and documents tailored to your business
  • Peninsula Protect, support with employment claims and prosecutions under health and safety legislation
  • Day-to-day HR management
  • Support to keep your workplace compliant
  • Solutions tailored to the needs of your practice and your team

How To Get Started

Visit the Peninsula Canada page for BCHA members to learn more or set up a call to speak with an HR expert.


About Pocketpills

Free medication delivery. Easy access to pharmasists. Anywhere in Canada. They manage your refills and get in touch with your doctors for prescription renewals, so that you always have the medication you need. Additionally, they sort your medication into clearly labeled, individual packs so you can be sure you’re taking the right dose at the right time. They aslo provide the tools to help manage medications for your whole family.

How To Get Started

Contact Jason Larocque, VP, Partnerships at jason.larocque@pocketpills.com or 778-990-5295 or visit www.pocketpills.com

Realstar Hospitality

About Realstar Hospitality

Realstar, Canada’s rental property powerhouse, reigns with 25,000+ units nationwide. Enter Realstar Hospitality, your unwavering partner in triumph. Their seasoned professionals passionately guide your franchise journey, while their exceptional hotel brands captivate guests and engaged owners alike. With an exceptional reputation, they offer unmatched support to over 145 franchised hotels across the country. Experience the expertise of Realstar Hospitality for your hospitality venture.

How To Get Started

Contact them today at franchise@realstarhospitality.com for more details.

Rising Tide Consultants

About Rising Tide Consultants

Founded in 1988 by Bert Hick, Rising Tide Consultants (RTC) is a full-service liquor and cannabis licensing consulting firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. With licensing experience in all Canadian provinces and territories, Rising Tide works broadly with a variety of clients on liquor and cannabis applications, enforcement and compliance issues, and the buying and selling of licenses and locations.

Benefits To Members

BCHA members receive a 20% discount on services.

How To Get Started

For more information contact info@risingtideconsultants.ca or 604.669.2928 or visit www.risingtideconsultants.ca


About STR

STR is the source for premium data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights for the tourism and accommodations industry. They provide data that is reliable, confidential, accurate and actionable, and their comprehensive solutions empower their clients to strategize and compete within their markets. Their range of products includes data-driven solutions, thorough analytics and unrivalled marketplace insights, all built to fuel business growth and help their clients make better operational and financial decisions. STR is continuously working to enhance their product offerings while shaping the future of industries. They maintain a presence in 15 countries and collect data for more than 80,000 hotels across 180 countries.

STR provides benchmarking reports to accommodations owners & operators so you can track your monthly performance in Occupancy, ADR (average daily rate), and RevPAR (revenue per available room) versus your competitors and/or your local market.

**4 Things to Know:

  1. Your data remains confidential
  2. Your participation assists not only your property, but also your local market and the entire province
  3. Participation is fast and easy, taking less than 5 minutes a month
  4. STR provides free training

Benefits To Members

BCHA hotel members can receive a free monthly Hotel Survey report or a first-year discount on a new STAR report subscription (some restrictions apply). All individual hotel data remains confidential and is never released to a 3rd party.  

How To Get Started

For more information or to sign up for STR’s reports, please contact Emile Gourieux, Business Development Executive, Hotels—STR

Canada, at +1 615.348.2231,egourieux@str.com, or visit www.str.com.

Superior Lodging Development Tl Corp.

About Superior Lodging

Superior Lodging Corp is an award winning-privately owned hotel development, investment and franchising company that consistently ranks as one of the largest and most successful hotel developers in Canada by leading industry sources. Superior is focused on the development, investment and management of nationally franchised, select and full-service hotels in Canada, all while delivering consistent high-yielding returns for investors in the hospitality sector for over 25 years.

How To Get Started

To learn more visit www.superiorlodgingcorp.com

Tapestry At Arbutus Walk

About Tapestry At Arbutus Walk

Tapestry is an active aging community that offers residents unlimited opportunities to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and improve their physical, mental and social well-being. Their difference is embodied in their Mission and the Operating Principles that guide their work and define what makes Tapestry unique: A committed focus on the seven dimensions of wellness to create a positive sense of place where you can thrive and continue to enhance your wellness; Fresh, delicious and exceptional quality food that whets appetites and imaginations; Extraordinary accommodations designed and built by Concert, their owner and one of Canada’s most respected and successful real estate development enterprises; and Exceptional service delivered passionately by their employees so that even your simplest pleasure feels indulgent and luxurious.

How To Get Started

for more information contact Perry Schmunk at (604) 736-1640 or pschmunk@discovertapestry.ca, or visit www.discovertapestry.com

The Always Care Consulting Company

About The Always Care Consulting Company

​They’re the authors of “Spin the Bottle Service – Hospitality in the Age of AI” and its associated training program. Having spent three decades rising from basement-to-boardroom in a world-leading hotel brand, they use their experiences to change the way hotels look at staff training. They ask: in a world of social media, storytellers, and influencers, why do hotel companies think making staff follow robotic, repetitive scripts will make their workplace attractive? Their training uses storytelling to help people view guests with empathy and to use their own stories and experiences to truly personalise service. It makes jobs more meaningful, guest experiences more memorable and helps you turn your hotel into a destination of choice people love to return to. The book is available for order online and via leading bookstores around the world. Training is offered in-person or hybrid where they supply the materials, and a local facilitator runs the show. Through their partnership with NorthPoint International, they also offer affordable access to the world’s leading experts in hospitality safety, security, resilience, and crisis management

Benefits To Members

BCHA members receive a free 30-minute consultation by video call to learn more about their individual needs. They’re also happy to offer a 10% discount to BCHA members that engage them for in-person sessions of Spin the Bottle Service training. (See brochure).

How To Get Started

For more information contact Paul Moxness at (250) 801-5126 or paul@alwayscare.ca, or visit www.alwayscare.ca

Vibrant Management

About Vibrant Management

Vibrant Management is a Boutique Hospitality Management and Marketing company based in St. George, Utah. They specialize in Rate and Revenue management, online advertising (with a 5x return on ad spend guaranteed), branding, and operations management. Vibrant Management is a unique team, comprising more than 100 years of combined hospitality experience. Anyone who meets the team will surely learn what it means to be “Vibrant”. 

Benefits To Members

Vibrant is excited to be welcomed into the BC Hotel Association and is excited to offer a FREE month of Digital Ads & Rate management. 

How To Get Started

Contact Spencer Halford, VP of Marketing, to set this up! Please email spencer@thevibrantteam.com

Wyndham Hotels And Resorts

About Wyndham

Whether you’re traveling for business, stopping over on a road trip, or taking a family vacation, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts makes travel possible for all. From big cities and small towns to beachfront resorts and highway hotels, their 24 iconic brands across 95 countries, bring a diverse perspective to the travel experience. With friendly service, thoughtful amenities, and a range of options for the everyday traveller, Wyndham will be there to welcome you wherever you go.

How To Get Started

To learn more visit www.wyndhamhotels.com