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About Alltourage

Alltourage helps your HR and Recruiting teams generate vetted leads fast!  Our SMS referral system accelerates the hiring process by pushing job openings directly to current employees and their communities. Employees are motivated to help onboard their networks and be rewarded with referral bonuses. SMS has a 97% open rate in 20 min and referred candidates make up to 85% of successful hires. Your jobs are shared quickly on multiple platforms giving you the strongest chance to find your best new hire today. 

 With our 24/7 Concierge Service, Alltourage provides members with:

  • Skills-and-Traits Matching System
  • Candidate Tracking
  • Lightning-Fast Background Checks
  • Data and Analytics
  • Trusted Referrals and Referral Tracking
  • Availability Tracking
  • Company-Wide Announcements
  • Coming Soon: Employee Assessments (Behavioural, Skills, Safety Employee Engagement and more)

Benefits To Members

First-time BCHA pilots receive a 60-day free trial as well as 35% off/month from our very low monthly pricing.  ​

How To Get Started

Want to hire quickly and easily? Request a demo with Alltourage today. Explore thier website or watch their video for more information.

Contact Sam Chung at or 604-561-4151​​

Bell Alliance Llp

About Bell Alliance Llp

Bell Alliance LLP is a law firm where people come first. They’re committed to personalizing the practice of law and are driven by the relentless pursuit of great service, strategic innovation, and contribution to their community. They’re a place where everything is founded on people and problem solving. They’ve learned that the most successful solutions start and end with trust and straight-forward communication. Their team is here to support you, and together, they can help you achieve your goals.

How To Get Started

For more information visit

Crease Harman LLP

About Crease Harman LLP

Crease Harman LLP (“Crease Harman”) traces its roots to 1858 when Henry Crease became the first barrister qualified to practice as a Barrister of Her Majesty’s Court of Civil Justice for Vancouver Island. The firm’s history extends back to 1866, making it the oldest law firm in British Columbia. Since its establishment, the firm has played a remarkable role in the evolution of the law in British Columbia and Canada. Based on its long and distinguished tradition of providing insightful and valuable legal advice Crease Harman continues to offer outstanding legal services to a diverse and expanding client base.

In Western Canada they are unique in being a law firm generations old. The benefit of this is that they offer services from lawyers with as much as 40 years experience at the bar as well as from newly called lawyers and articled students.

How To Get Started

For more information contact them at 250-388-5421 or visit

Issofbc Immigrant Service Society Of British Columbia

About issofbc Immigrant Service Society Of British Columbia

Since 1968, they’ve worked to provide a welcoming and empowering environment for all newcomers to British Columbia. Their services support your settlement and English language needs, as well as your employment and career ambitions. They are driven by core values and principles that put inclusivity, compassion and innovation at the centre of their work. Their main mission is helping immigrants build a future in Canada.

How To Get Started

For more information contact them at 604-684-2561 or visit

JRoss Hospitality Recruiters Inc.

About JRoss Hospitality Recruiters Inc

One of Canada’s leading hospitality recruiting specialists, with teams in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, JRoss Hospitality Recruiters sole focus is finding great leaders for great brands in Canada’s hospitality industry. With extensive hospitality operations and search experience for hotels, restaurants and other hospitality firms, they recruit candidates from coast to coast to the management, executive and key support levels.

Additionally, they have an extensive database of qualified candidates and a broad network of contacts at all levels within the hospitality industry. They also fill all management and key support positions, including executives and mid-level management, culinary, field operations from single to multi-unit roles, human resources, sales, marketing and digital branding/e-commerce, finance and others.

The bottom line? They know hospitality, and they find people who fit.

Benefits To Members

Unfilled positions represent lost opportunities – they cost you money. Using JRoss Hospitality Recruiters, you can fill those positions with talented and qualified people quickly and efficiently.

How To Get Started

Contact Ian Milford at 888-834-1972 or, or visit for more information.

Pro Recruitment Services

About Pro Recruitment Services

Pro Recruitment Services understands the need for Canadian employers to have a reliable and stable workforce to maintain sustainable growth and access to skilled staff can make the difference between your company’s success and failure as well as maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. They offer fair-priced services and assist their clients throughout the entire process of recruitment. They ensure their clients are more focused on their business rather than on their staffing challenges.

How To Get Started

Contact them at 604-603-6671 or visit for more information.

Radar Immigration Inc.

About Radar Immigration Inc

They share a passion by helping people make a better life for them and their families.  With over 10 years of experience in the immigration industry, they can ensure that you get the best experience. Each client is unique and special to them.  That is why their service includes a comprehensive consult by experienced and professional experts to help identify what program will be optimal to each individual’s needs. That’s how they ensure that your dream of coming to Canada can become a reality.

How To Get Started

Contact them at 604-725-7050 or, or visit for more information.

The Economic Development Society Of Bc (SDECB)


​From promoting and boosting talent to steering projects, the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB) strives daily to provide a voice, a space and tools for the Francophone and Francophile business community of British Columbia. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a newcomer, a businesswoman, or a young Francophone, the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB) works every day to help you. With its longstanding business expertise and numerous partnerships with the Francophone community, it has all the resources in hand to help you turn your ideas and projects into reality. The SDECB offers you support and advice, no matter where you are headed.

How To Get Started

For more information contact (604) 732-3534 or, or visit


About WYRK

The Vancouver-based app connects hotels with a reliable, on-demand workforce. Wyrk helps hotels fill temporary gaps by connecting them with qualified wyrkers, such as housekeepers, front desk staff, banquet servers, busser, bartenders and more in real-time. Their app streamlines the process for on-demand workers, reduces on-call staffing costs, and enhances communication between hotels and their on-call staff. With Wyrk, hotels can easily manage their fluctuating staffing needs while providing more work opportunities for their existing employees. Say goodbye to staffing shortages and hello to a smarter, more efficient workforce solution with Wyrk! 

Benefits To Members

A 10% reduction in the Wyrk fee.

How To Get Started

Please contact Ryan Lee, Outreach Specialist/Solution Advisor at or 604-259-3219​