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Stash Hotel Rewards

About Stash Hotel Rewards

Stash Hotel Rewards partners with independent hotels to help them compete against chains, reduce OTA share, attract new guests, and lock-in group and corporate clients. With over 200 one-of-a-kind hotels, the Stash network features some of the most iconic and interesting hotels in North America. From centuries-old landmark inns to brand new urban suites, from opulent overwater bungalows to eco-obsessed shipping-container hotels, and everything in between, Stash provides distinctive properties and enlightened hoteliers the tools and marketing horsepower to succeed. With over one million members, Stash connects your hotel to travelers seeking something special in every trip.

Benefits To Members

All BCHA members that qualify and sign a partnership agreement will receive a $250 credit towards their first invoice of Stash points awarded.

How To Get Started

For more information contact Audrey Yates at audrey.yates@stashrewards.com or hotel-partnerships@stashrewards.com, or visit www.stashrewards.com