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Eminent Valet

About Eminent

Eminent Valet, in its relentless pursuit of building elevated guest experiences, focuses on partnering with luxury hotels and resorts across North America. To craft flawless personalised touch points, to redefine exceptional service, a relentless pursuit that starts with the best talent as we become a part of your team, a true partner and an extension of your brand. Our team leads with one singular goal – to show genuine interest leaving a lasting impression with each guest. We accomplish this by establishing a seamless approach with your front office team and act as a true partner, by developing world-class talent, and by holding ourselves to the highest standards. Eminent Valet offers luxury hotels with complete outsourced valet operations specialising in unionised properties, providing temporary support staff for high volume/sick days and consulting on the arrival & departure experience focused on driving topline revenue and elevating the guest experience.

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For more information, contact Mubashar Allaudin Director of Business Development C: 416-887-7155 E: W:


About Indigo

Indigo is a Canadian leader in parking management and urban mobility. With 30+ years of experience, Indigo has successfully established operations in nine provinces with regional offices in most major Canadian cities. As a partner of private and public real estate management, Indigo can be involved in any or all aspects of your parking project. They currently manage 1,000+ locations in Canada, gathering over 300,000 spaces. Whether off-street or on-street operations, Indigo provides tailor-made, innovative solutions and an advanced vision of parking facilities. They currently service various private and public sector parking markets such as international airports, railways and bus stations, real estate groups, condo administrators, hotels, sport and commercial centers, universities and schools, hospitals and clinics and governmental organizations.

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For more information, contact Robert Finkelstein at, or visit Indigo (

Precise Parklink

About Precise Parklink

When Precise ParkLink was founded almost 35 years ago, the company was a two-person field operation with a simple aspiration: to make a difference in the world of parking automation. Since then, Precise ParkLink has grown into a nation-wide managed services and technology firm with more than 800 employees across Canada, a head office in Toronto, and 18 supporting offices across the country.

But what sets us apart from other parking operators isn’t only where we are, it’s what we are: a full-service urban mobility firm. One source for all your parking and parking-related needs. Precise ParkLink also manages parking lots on behalf of property owners and supplies cutting-edge technology and services to thousands of clients in all sectors, including healthcare, aeronautical, municipal, institutional, private, and commercial.

Being a vertically integrated parking management solutions company puts us in a unique position. We provide a level of management and technical integration that is best-in-class. Just ask the hundreds of clients with whom we’ve partnered to deliver cost-effective and customer-focused solutions over the years.

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For more information, contact Justin Powell via email, or telephone 604-649-1323 ​