Recycling & Sustainability

About is a Vancouver-based company helping BC hotels control food costs and go green. From large hotel chains to smaller accommodators, every property with a food service operation can leverage food waste prevention to start saving now. Increase profits and meet sustainability targets!

Benefits To Members

  • Implement cost-saving measures in your F&B operations to increase profitability 
  • ​Identify and further improve efficiencies to control food and operation costs
  • Evaluate current sustainability practices to maximize the ROI of ESG
  • Empower your teams with free training
  • Anticipate coming regulations

How To Get Started

Learn more about sustainable hospitality best practices: 

​Get a free consultation: Ben Liegey, CEO – | 604-700-7587

Fresco Building Efficiency

About Fresco Building Efficiency

FRESCo has over a decade of experience with a wide variety of energy and water efficiency strategies that help improve sustainability. They offer a range of services including energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments, engineering, and project management for building upgrades. FRESCo has extensive experience working with hotels & restaurants, utilities, and all levels of government. They have a proven track record for successfully integrating technical and practical considerations and making it easy to improve building performance and sustainability. FRESCo also runs a FortisBC program that supports hotels with energy efficiency upgrades and associated rebates.

Benefits To Members

For a limited time FRESCo is able to offer free energy assessments, engineering support, and high efficiency fixtures through a fully-funded program that FRESCo operates on behalf of FortisBC.

How To Get Started

​For more information contact or 1 (866) 598-1213, or visit

Green Key Global

About Green Key Global

Green Key Global is a leading international environmental Sustainability Certification body recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) offering best in class standardized programs and resources, designed specifically for the hotel and meetings industries. The Green Key Global programs directly impacts seven categories underscored by The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to improve life, in a sustainable way, for future generations.

Their affordable programs, including the Green Key Eco-Rating and the Green Key Meetings Programs, help members leverage organizational ESG & CSR activities to support their properties sustainable initiatives, improve overall fiscal performance and community relations. With member properties across North America and a notable mix of branded and independent members Green Key Global truly is the lodging industries certification program of choice. Green Key Global 3rd Party Sustainability Certification.

Benefits To Members

You can receive a discount of 5% on our Green Key Global Hotel Eco program and $50 off of or Green Key Global Meetings programs using promo code BCHA. Join here

  • Facilitation of activating a ‘green program for your property
  • Access to Green Key Global Toolkit
  • Access to Sustainability Education and updates
  • Access to interesting case studies and video clips from hotels & Event Spaces sharing initiatives & best practice
  • Connect with our many green vendors
  • Let us share your sustainability status with numerous listing agents including Google, Expedia, and so many more
  • Reduce your carbon footprint​
  • Facilitation of activating a ‘green’ program for your property
  • Access to Green Key Global Toolkit
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

How To Get Started

​For more information contact Rebecca Bartlett-Jones, Manager, Business Development at (905) 638-6757 or, or visit

Greenstep Solutions

About Greenstep Solutions

GreenStep was founded in 2008 to help organizations tackle a common challenge: owners and managers want to do more to reduce their environmental impacts and be responsible; but with competing priorities they often lack the time, knowledge, and budget to make meaningful progress. That’s where GreenStep comes in. Their people are your sustainability sherpas; walking beside you on your sustainability journey, offering guidance, expertise, and building capacity each step of the way.

How To Get Started

For more information please contact Angela Nagy at 1 (800) 469-7830 or, or visit