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About Greenco Robots Tech Inc

GreenCo Robots is part of the GreenCo Group of Companies. GreenCo Group is committed to providing innovative, smart, energy-efficient, and high-tech solutions to create harmony between humans and our planet. They strive to leverage their technologies, knowledge, and connections to build a better place for our communities and future generations. In pursuit of this passion, GreenCo Robots was founded to offer high-quality smart robots to make our life and businesses safer, healthier, more efficient and enjoyable.

How To Get Started

For more information please contact Liang Yu at 855-666-3888 or, or visit


About Teknotip

Teknotip’s goal is to offer a technological shift by reconciling new credit card payment habits, ease of use, and improved employee experience, at no cost to the hotelier. Teknotip allows hotels to further differentiate themselves by offering an innovative tipping service.

The service is very simple to use, the customer simply scans the QR code with their cell phone camera to offer a tip without downloading the application. Teknotip also offers the opportunity to register their email if the customer would like to have a receipt to put on their expense account which will encourage people to offer more.    

They have developed this service to retain and attract labor with additional income, allow your customers to use an innovative service that allows you to offer a tip easily and for the company, stand out by the service offer, and many other reasons that are on their website.

How To Get Started

Please contact Pierre-Luc Bedard, President via email or via telephone 819-621-7208