Gareth Allen-Symmons

Communications Manager

As Communications Manager, Gareth is responsible for developing and executing BCHA’s communications strategy, ensuring the organizations key messaging is in line with our membership base and stakeholders. In his role, he creates content for various social media and marketing platforms, fosters relationships with valued partners, handles media relations, and produces the weekly newsletter.

Although he has never worked at a hotel (save for a week-long stint at the Savoy Hotel in London ;), Gareth has experience working in events, sales, and marketing. He has had previous spells at Destination Vancouver and the London Design Fair but found his niche working in Communications following the pandemic.

Outside of work, Gareth enjoys travelling, playing soccer, riding his bike, and exploring different neighbourhoods.

Gareth Allen-Symmons


  • What was the first album you bought with your own money? Nas – Stillmatic. And yes that was a CD-ROM.
  • What is your favourite sport to play? Soccer, without a doubt.
  • What’s the most unique travel experience you’ve ever had? Watching Donetsk FC vs Luhansk in the snow at the old Dynamo Kyiv Stadium.
  • If you could time travel to any historical period, where and when would you go, and what would you want to experience? I would transport back to the Roaring 20s in New York City. Catch a Brooklyn Dodgers ball game at Ebbets Field and duck into a few speakeasies.
  • Where are you going on your next road trip? Driving the Oregon Coast has been on my list for too long but it’s likely going to be LA to San Francisco via Big Sur.