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The British Columbia Hotel Association (BCHA) is thrilled to see the Government of Canada’s new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, titled Canada 365: Welcoming the world. Every day.

This comprehensive strategy aligns with the BCHA’s recommendations and highlights the crucial role of tourism in the Canadian economy. Last year, the BCHA submitted its Tourism Growth Strategy recommendation during the consultation phase, focusing on key areas such as international and domestic recruitment and retention, infrastructure investments, building a sustainable workforce, and event asset development. We are delighted to see elements of our recommendations incorporated into this substantial strategy.

One of the significant achievements of the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy is the establishment of the Federal Ministerial Tourism Growth Council, bringing together various ministers involved in tourism, including Immigration and Labour. This collaborative approach will facilitate cross-departmental solutions and expedite progress on critical policy issues. Additionally, the strategy emphasizes investment in tourism assets to enhance Canada’s position as a world-class destination and aims to attract more international events through potential partnerships with other government departments.

The strategy recognizes the importance of addressing workforce challenges faced by the tourism industry. It highlights actions to enhance skills and training, promote diversity and inclusion, improve infrastructure, and streamline immigration processes. The BCHA appreciates the strategy’s recognition of the value and potential of the tourism workforce, which plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional experiences to visitors from around the world.

Tourism is a vital economic driver, employing over two million Canadians and contributing significantly to the country’s GDP. While the sector has faced labor shortages, impeding its full recovery and global competitiveness, the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy aims to address these challenges. 

The BCHA will continue working closely with the Government of Canada, as well as national and provincial/territorial hotel and tourism organizations, to support the successful implementation of the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy. Together, we will strengthen British Columbia and Canada’s position as a destination of choice and ensure that our industry thrives, benefiting both our communities and visitors alike.

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