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In the journey towards sustainable operations, hotel operators play a vital role in reducing environmental impact and promoting responsible practices. The British Columbia Hotel Association (BCHA) recognizes this and has developed a comprehensive Sustainability Playbook to guide hotels through the process. In this blog post, we will explore Step 3 of the playbook, which focuses on creating a sustainability action plan. By following this step, you can develop a roadmap that sets clear goals, outlines actions, and assigns responsibilities to drive sustainability within your hotel.

Step 3: Create Your Sustainability Action Plan
Before diving into Step 3, it’s crucial to ensure you have completed the initial steps of forming a green team and measuring your baseline sustainability performance as outlined in Steps 1 and Step 2. These steps provide a foundation for understanding your current state and gathering insights to inform your action plan effectively.

  1. Visioning Exercise: To start building your sustainability action plan, begin with a Visioning Exercise. This exercise helps your team envision the future and identify operational changes that align with your sustainability goals. Think big and consider how each department can contribute to your hotel’s sustainable vision.
  2. Setting SMART Goals: Next, based on the visioning exercise and the results of your baseline measurements, it’s time to set SMART goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. By ensuring your goals meet these criteria, you increase their effectiveness and create a clear roadmap for success. Use the Setting SMART Goals exercise in the toolkit to guide you through this process.
  3. Refining and Prioritizing Actions: Once you have established your SMART goals, brainstorm and organize the specific actions required to achieve them. The Refining and Prioritizing Actions exercise will help you create actionable tasks and provide guidance on how to prioritize them effectively. Consider categorizing actions as short-term, medium-term, or long-term to ensure a well-balanced and sustainable approach.
  4. Document Your Action Plan: With your goals, targets, and prioritized actions in place, it’s time to document your action plan. The Sustainability Action Plan Template provided in the playbook will guide you in structuring your approach. Ensure your plan includes action steps, responsible team members, budgets, timelines, deadlines, and status updates. This documentation will help you stay organized and accountable throughout the implementation process.

Ready to take your hotel’s sustainability efforts to the next level? Dive into the BCHA Sustainability Playbook by accessing the BCHA Member Portal and visiting the Additional Resources Tab. The playbook provides comprehensive guidance, tools, and exercises to support you through each step of the sustainability journey. Embrace this opportunity to create a positive environmental impact while enhancing your business’s reputation and profitability. Need more support? Connect with BCHA Energy Specialist

Remember, sustainability is an ongoing process. Continually evaluate and refine your action plan, track progress, and celebrate achievements. By committing to sustainable practices, your hotel can become a leader in the industry, inspiring others and contributing to a more sustainable future

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