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Dear BC Hotel Community,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you who participated in our recent accommodation engagement survey. Your valuable feedback plays a vital role in helping us understand the pressing topics, issues, and resources that are most important to our industry. Based on the comprehensive review of all the feedback, we now have a clearer vision moving forward and confidence that we are on the right path already. Rest assured, we are committed to representing our industry and amplifying your voice and we owe it to each of you to be transparent with this. As a result, we have identified some of the results of the survey along with several areas where changes and/or improvements can be made. We will continue to refer to the feedback outlined in the survey in the months ahead and make changes that will best reflect your needs.


  • The top advocacy files identified by respondents were short-term rentals, housing affordability, MRDT, and workforce recruitment.
  • Accessibility and security were rated as the lowest priority advocacy files.

Changes to consider:

  1. The BCHA is committed to ensuring we provide regular advocacy updates and we understand that not everyone is able to join in person. We will look to implement virtual advocacy updates to provide insight onto our major advocacy updates. 
  2. Although there are many files that are critical for our sector, overwhelming you identified four key files which we will ensure are prioritized in our advocacy updates.


  • 88% of respondents reacted favorably when asked if BCHA member benefits add value to their membership – however, some were unsure of what the benefits are. 
  • Similar to last year, Advocacy work done on behalf of the sector continues to be the biggest value the BCHA provides
  • Key concerns keeping members up at night include emergency response, recruitment, short-term rentals, insurance, fires, floods, staff shortages, and cost increases.
  • 83% of respondents indicated they were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the work the BCHA is leading.

Changes to consider:

  1. To ensure our members remain familiar with our benefit programs and partners, we have brought back our monthly Member Market email which highlights key offerings and partners available to hotels. 
  2. To drive awareness of BCHA benefits, the BCHA will look to create a refresher package for our members outlining the programs and services available to them.  
  3. In response to concerns over natural disasters and issues, the BCHA will continue to develop tools and resources that promote best practices and assist with operational disruptions.


  • The newsletter received positive feedback, with respondents finding it interesting, valuable, and an appropriate length, however, respondents advised they’d like more information on government news, updates on policy positions and advocacy goals, articles from our team, news on hotels and tourism, STR data, benefit programs, and industry trends.
  • Our members indicated that they were interested in being featured in our “Here’s to You” section, but were unaware how to submit industry news.
  • Our members indicated they were pleased with conference events but were craving more engagement and livelier sessions. 

Changes to consider:

  1. The BCHA will ensure that we include more of the following in our communications channels.
    1. Advocacy: policy positions and updates
    2. News: Government updates (provincial & federal), hotel and tourism news
    3. STR Data: Updates on occupancy, RevPar, ADR
    4. Resources: Articles written from our team, industry trends, more information on benefit programs
  2. The BCHA has already added contact details above our “Here’s to You” newsletter section to encourage industry submissions – don’t forget to send to 
  3. The BCHA will look to enhance event experiences by incorporating workshop breakout sessions and considering cost considerations for smaller properties, along with better date coordination with other conferences. 

Industry Stewardship:

  • 62% of respondents rated BCHA’s sustainability efforts with a score of 8 or higher out of 10, representing an increase from 47% last year.
  • Awareness of the Sustainability Playbook among BCHA member respondents was low at 50%.
  • 57% of BCHA member respondents have not participated in the GoGreen program, while 18 respondents expressed interest in energy assessments.
  • Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Reconciliation (DEIR) was deemed “important” or “very important” by a larger percentage of respondents compared to last year.
  • Respondents preferred shorter sessions for DEIR engagement.

Changes to consider:

  1. The BCHA will consider direct outreach to members surrounding the BCHA Sustainability Playbook and other initiatives operators can get involved in.
  2. The BCHA will look to expand and/or amplify short training and education opportunities on DEIR to meet industry needs.
  3. Conduct a sustainability survey to better understand the most important aspects of sustainability for member organizations.


  • Staffing and housing emerged as key issues, with 50% of respondents identifying them as significant challenges.
  • Respondents expressed a desire for more tools and support for hiring, training, and staff retention.
  • Retention was highlighted as a priority in workforce efforts, with specific interest in revenue management, sales and training, and human resources topics.

Changes to consider:

  1. The BCHA will conduct a series of short workforce surveys to gauge members’ status on retention, recruiting, and training and amplify our advocacy efforts on the matter. 
  2. The BCHA will consider touching Utilize direct email communication to remind members of available resources and to book consultations.
  3. The BCHA will continue prioritizing staff housing as part of our workforce strategy and expand education offerings to address retention concerns in our fast-track series.

Once again, we extend our gratitude to all survey participants for their valuable insights. Your input plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the BC Hotel Association. We remain dedicated to advocating for your best interests, providing valuable membership benefits, improving communications, fostering industry stewardship, and supporting your workforce needs. Together, we can navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Congratulations to Sarah Webb, the lucky winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card! We appreciate your engagement and hope this small token brings you joy.

Thank you for your continued support and participation.

Warm regards,
BC Hotel Association Team 

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