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Recently, IT Partners received communication from a Hotel regarding an unfortunate yet common incident. An employee’s email was compromised, and the hacker was able to access sensitive information. The hacker discovered an invoice from another company and proceeded to forward the invoice to accounts payable after altering the bank information. The hacker posed as the employee and successfully received payment for the fraudulent invoice.

To prevent such incidents, operators should ensure the following practices are implemented to help safeguard against these potential threats:

  1. Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) in your Hotel’s email system
  2. Consistently train Hotel staff in (and apply) cybersecurity best practices
  3. Utilize multiple layers of security

Ideally, these tactics would include ongoing professional monitoring and management using automated tools and a dedicated team of experts.

While striving for perfect cyber-security is not feasible, striving for commercially reasonable protection that makes your infrastructure noticeably tougher to breach than others in your industry can deter bad actors from targeting your organization. Though implementing cybersecurity basics may not be inexpensive, it is a necessary investment in protecting your company’s reputation and sensitive information.

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