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The FBI says 90% of cybersecurity breaches in 2022 started with email phishing*.
Phishing means malicious emails are sent to “lure” a team member into engaging and providing security information to the attacker.

Last month we mentioned these three crucial cybersecurity pieces to safeguard your hotel:

  1. Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) in your hotel’s email system
  2. Consistently train hotel staff in (and apply) cybersecurity best practices
  3. Utilize multiple layers of security

Cybersecurity expert Kyle Hanslovian says he has not heard of any successful email breaches where MFA was properly implemented.

So do number i. above for all staff! Or at least for all management, procurement, security, accounting and IT staff.

Remember, the commercially reasonable approach is to be “more difficult to attack than your peers”. When attackers see basic good security, they usually don’t waste their time with you, they move on to a softer target. There are plenty.

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