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This year marks a significant milestone for data privacy in Canada with the passage of the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) as part of the broader Bill C-27. This act has ushered in a new era of data management and protection, placing more rigorous demands on Canadian businesses.

One notable aspect of the CPPA is the establishment of the Personal Data Protection Tribunal, tasked with enforcing these regulations.

  • Compliance Challenges
    • ​While it’s true that Canada has had privacy protection laws like PIPA and PIPEDA in place for some time, it’s essential to understand that many medium-sized businesses in British Columbia were not fully compliant with these laws. This non-compliance often resulted from a perception that there was limited enforcement, leading many to believe they were operating within acceptable boundaries.
  • The Shift in Regulatory Landscape
    • However, with the introduction of the Personal Data Protection Tribunal, the landscape has shifted significantly. Think of it as a parking lot where nobody bothered to check if you paid for parking. It was perceived as a non-issue until now.
  • The Consequences of Non-Compliance
    • The presence of the tribunal is akin to this parking lot suddenly being “regularly patrolled,” and the consequences for non-compliance are far more severe than a minor parking ticket.

​Stay Informed and Compliant
For businesses in British Columbia, it’s crucial to recognize that the enforcement of data privacy regulations has become more stringent. To gain a better understanding of these changes and how they may impact your business, we encourage you to get in touch with Garth Wardle at or book a meeting using

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