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As we start the beginning of 2022, we’re hoping to get your attention on a brief survey. The information is helping tackle some of the workforce shortfall that is greatly impacting the sector.

Across the country, governments, industry associations and other key tourism stakeholders have been developing support services for hard hit tourism businesses and workers. This support is desperately needed but has also created confusion due to the many subsidies and services available.

To help understand the complete ecosystem of support services available across the country, we are asking your organization to complete an eight-minute survey. This survey asks you, or another member of your organization, to identify the government programs and industry support services available in your region. The survey also asks you to identify any innovative practices tourism businesses are undertaking to mitigate workforce shortages. This survey will inform a workforce recovery toolkit that tourism stakeholders can use. Please feel free to share the survey with other associations and service providers in your network.
This survey was developed in partnership with OTEC and Tourism HR Canada as part of the Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery project.
Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery is a national workforce recovery initiative to connect workers to exciting career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector and to support businesses across Canada.
Visit the Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery Program, for more information.

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